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Alison Renew & Reset, Harrogate 19 March 2024

Class Tuition of the Highest Quality

I am writing this on the way home from the Harrogate Renew & Reset weekend. I booked at the last minute after they had a cancellation, & was a bit nervous coming on my own.

I have had a great time, everything was impeccably organised, class tuition of the highest quality, and the change of scene has done me a lot of good. 

My only regret is not swapping contact details with some of the lovely people I met! 


Deborah SIMPLY YOGA, Ambleside, The Lakes 20 September 2023

Beautifully organised as always

I wanted to thank you for the super yoga weekend … I really enjoyed the yoga. It was beautifully organised as always … lovely location and accommodation

Gill SIMPLY YOGA, Ambleside, The Lakes 12 September 2023

I had a wonderful time

I had a wonderful time. Thank you for organising

Maria Photography & Yoga Weekend, Harrogate 6 July 2023

A warm and welcoming environment, so well organised

A warm and welcoming environment, so well organised by Lindi.

Jane is an excellent communicator. Everything was explained in a straightforward and understandable way.

Highly recommended. A well organised, warm and welcoming group. Lovely location. Even with my very basic and humble equipment I learned of so many features ... and was inspired to investigate further.

Jane Renew & Reset, Harrogate 28 January 2023

What a lovely bunch of people

Fabulous weekend  - loved the classes, Harrogate was a brilliant location and what a lovely bunch of people.

My Saturday morning massage was a treat and I slept longer and better on Saturday night than I think I've ever done before!

If that's not a sign of an excellent 'renew and reset' weekend, I don't know what is! Thank you so much 👏👏👏

Helene Renew & Reset, Harrogate 27 January 2023

Feeling happier, more relaxed, and stronger

Just a note to say a sincere "thank you" for arranging last weekend. I had a great time and came home feeling happier, more relaxed, and stronger.

Alison Renew & Reset, Harrogate 26 January 2023

Still feeling nicely stretched

A totally fulfilling weekend - a great range of classes, fab service from all the staff in the hotel, comfortable rooms and lots of laughs!

Plus lots of retails opportunities, Harlow Carr is in reach and many parks for nice strolls!!

Still feeling nicely stretched- thank you 😀😀🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️xx

Sarah Renew & Reset, Harrogate 25 January 2023

Classes really helpful - they did me good

Thanks for organising another great weekend! We had a really good time.

It was nice to be able to fit in the Turkish Baths and a massage at the hotel this time - both were really good.

I found the classes really helpful ... and was pleased to get to all of them and I think they did me good.

Michele Renew & Reset, Harrogate 23 January 2023

Feel re-energised and more! 

Thanks all for a fab weekend.

Denise Renew & Reset Weekend, Harrogate 22 January 2023

Made good friends!

I have taken so much from the weekend and made good friends!

Diane Photography & Pilates, Hartington, The Peak District 16 November 2022

Now much more confident about photography with my smartphone

My daughter & I really enjoyed the weekend thank you.

Hartington was an excellent choice for the photography course and the hall is beautiful - although with it being YHA, the accommodation was quite basic, although comfortable and warm.

I really enjoyed the pilates too, and the early session was great to get us going for the day! I particularly enjoyed the walk on Saturday.

Now I am much more confident about photography with my smartphone and can't wait to show other people how to get the most use from their phones and to start taking/editing many more photos.

Rosemary Photography & Pilates, Hartington, The Peak District 15 November 2022

I really enjoyed it, and learnt a lot.

Thank you for organising a great weekend. I really enjoyed it, and learnt a lot. I am looking forward to a clear moonlight evening to practise.

Penny Photography & Pilates, Hartington, The Peak District 14 November 2022

Spurred me on to develop my photography practice 

A lovely weekend. I did indeed simply escape! 

There was a warm and convivial atmosphere and the combination of photography and Pilates works well  – both having the potential for a mindful experience. The location was good: Hartington is a great setting for an autumn getaway of this type; the youth hostel has charm and history as well as many opportunities for photography, as does the village and wider area; the food was good at the youth hostel in addition to the provisions you provided. The pre course organization was thorough and well communicated. 

I’ve appreciated the WhatsApp group following the course and hope to make use of the free gifts too.

A great weekend and certainly has spurred me on to develop my photography practice and get back into Pilates

Caroline Photography & Pilates, Hartington, The Peak District 14 November 2022

Had such a lovely time and would like to do one of your other weekends. 

Marie Photography & Pilates, Hartington, The Peak District 14 November 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend  - Thanks again.

Helen, Isla & Carrie Pick n Mix Activity Weekend, Hebden Bridge 9 October 2022

Good to have flexibility & a relaxed vibe.

Great weekend! Great location  - Hebden & the hostel.

Great food & organisation. Good to have flexibility & a relaxed vibe.

Please make boxing and kickboxing  1.5 hrs!

Great mix of classes - great music & vibe in Cilla’s classes

Audra Pick 'n' Mix Fitness Weekend, Hebden Bridge 8 October 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hebden Bridge weekend.

The venue was a really lovely place and the group of women that attended were friendly and the classes were enjoyable.

Thank you for organising this and I hope to attend again.

Morag, Helen & Annie Pick n Mix Activity Weekend, Hebden Bridge 6 October 2022

Good venue. Food fantastic. Classes 10/10.

A brilliant weekend - did what it said on the can! ‘Stop, unwind, feel refreshed!’

Good venue. Food fantastic. Classes 10/10.

Thanks Cilla & Tony for expertise & encouragement & Lindi for all your hard work, kindness & general brilliance.

Good venue & very manageable price.

Alanna & Sarah Pick n Mix Activity Weekend, Hebden Bridge 6 October 2022

Fabulous instructors who adapted each class according to everyone’s needs.

Very glad we came. Lovely people, staff & guests.

Fabulous instructors who adapted each class according to everyone’s needs.

Gorgeous food and plentiful. Lovely social area to chat.

Beautiful hall for the classes.

Sarah Pick 'n' Mix Fitness Weekend, Hebden Bridge 5 October 2022

A really good time

Thanks for a lovely weekend - we had a really good time. Hope you've recovered from all the work!!
I liked the venue and location and would happily stay there again.

Rachel Pick n Mix Activity Weekend, Hebden Bridge 3 October 2022

Feel relaxed & looked after.

Food excellent. Classes excellent as always. 

Liked having the whole hostel to ourselves. Great location. Nice group. 

Feel relaxed & looked after. Thank you 😉

Sarah, Janine & Sue Pick n Mix Activity Weekend, Hebden Bridge 2 October 2022

Cilla and Tony offered many options 

Food excellent. Very well organised. Loved the chapel / classroom.

Great that Cilla and Tony offered many options (beginners, injury, more advanced) 

Very comfortable bedrooms. Downside was sound travelled between rooms BUT in general we really like the venue & Hebden Bridge. Thanks v much!

Julie SIMPLY YOGA, Harrogate, Yorkshire 25 February 2022

The perfect balance

Just wanted to say how fantastic this weekend was. It was the perfect balance of fab yoga (Tony is a great instructor), great timings, amazing hotel and food and thoroughly lovely company.

Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️.

Please keep me posted about other adventures you organise!

Debbie SIMPLY YOGA, Harrogate 18 February 2022

Most fantastic breakfasts!

What a fabulous weekend ... really lovely hotel ...great location for access to the town centre,  friendly staff, lovely rooms, great space for our yoga, and ..... the most fantastic breakfasts !

Ruth SIMPLY YOGA, Harrogate, Yorkshire 15 February 2022

A really lovely weekend

Just to say thank you for a really lovely weekend. Such a good and welcoming venue. I loved the back and shoulder massage and really enjoyed practising yoga again with Tony.
I feel inspired to organise myself better and fit in more regular yoga.

Morag Pick n Mix Weekend Escape, Harrogate 9 September 2020

Relaxing but with plenty of energetic bits! Great fun.

I booked as I enjoy Cilla’s classes and liked this location.

It’s a lovely hotel with very comfortable rooms. Breakfasts were great with wide choice & good service but disappointed with the meal on Friday evening.

My favourite part was the schedule of classes. They were varied enough for all abilities so it didn’t feel intimidating at all. They were well-taught and welcoming to us all - it was a lovely friendly atmosphere. This meant that mealtimes were friendly too, although it was also easy to ‘do your own thing’ if you wanted to.

It was relaxing but with plenty of energetic bits! Great fun.

Gaynor Pick n Mix Weekend Escape, Harrogate 23 November 2019

Very relaxed and everyone was friendly and inclusive

Loved the hotel as very central, with very comfortable room, friendly staff. Really enjoyed the breakfasts and the meal on the Friday night.

My favourite part was being among like minded people and the classes

I really enjoyed it and have no criticisms. I preferred the slightly later start at 8.15 and the sessions I wanted to join in were perfectly timed.

The weekend was very relaxed and everyone was friendly and inclusive, I would have no worries going on my own to one of the Simply Escape weekends.

These weekends would suit anyone who’s interested in fitness classes.

Excellent, I loved it!

Kim Pick n Mix Weekend Escape, Harrogate 22 November 2019

My favourite part was meeting everyone and all the different classes

I came for the combination of classes and because it was in Harrogate. The room was nice. The meal on Friday was disappointing however I loved breakfast.

My favourite part was meeting everyone and all the different classes. Lovely hotel too. The whole weekend had a good balance.

Jenny Pick n Mix Weekend Escape, Harrogate 21 November 2019

Good opportunity to make new friends

This was my third simply escape weekend. They are always good and Cilla is an excellent pilates and stretch teacher.

It was an excellent venue, great location and good food.  Helpful and friendly staff. Comfy beds.

Favourite part of the weekend? All of it.

Everyone is friendly and Cilla and Tony encourage you to work to your own level. They offer easier options, and adjust you when necessary.  There is no requirement or pressure to spend time with strangers.  It is a good opportunity to make new friends.

I'd recommend these weekends to friends who have an interest in the classes offered.

Overall - Excellent!

Tina Yoga & Photography Weekend in The Lakes 21 November 2019

The content was spot on - a fun weekend that I would love to do again

I went as I wanted to improve my photography skills. I love the way Jane teaches and I want to increase my knowledge so that I can start to sell some of my photographs.

Being part of the workshops and understanding what settings to have my camera on was my favourite part.

Taking photos was very high on the list too. I loved all the trips out, to Chesters, to the waterfall and to be Ambleside.

I definitely would like to do it again (once I have practised what I learned).

I think the content was spot on. Jane covered everything that I wanted really. I had been almost scared to use my flash gun before but now have the confidence to give it a go... What could go wrong? You just learn from your mistakes 🤣

It really was a full on weekend, but I enjoyed it. Loved going out with everyone on the Saturday night too. I hope I have made some lovely new friends.

Lovely group of people. We all had a laugh.

Lindi you are an excellent organiser. It was a long hard weekend with not much time to rest but then again that is what we signed up to and I am very pleased with how much I have learned about my camera and composing a shot.

A fun weekend that I would love to do again.

Thank you so much to both Lindi and Jane who made the weekend extra special 💜

Suzanne Pick n Mix Weekend Escape, Harrogate 20 November 2019

Loved the schedule

I decided to go as not got to fitness classes in a while & fancied a treat away from being a full time mum.

Venue was perfectly located, loved all the rooms - these fitted the needs for weekend & bedroom was of a high quality.  The Friday night meal was disappointing. The breakfasts however were outstanding.

I personally loved the schedule -  especially the high intensity eg. Kickboxing. I would prefer the massage ladies to be in separate rooms.

I’d recommend this type of weekend to anyone wanting to concentrate on technique, try something new or just someone wanting some time away.

Overall, I thought it was excellent.

Jane T Pick n Mix Weekend Escape, Harrogate 20 November 2019

Suitable for anyone who could do with a break from routine

I enjoyed the last event so came again. I love Harrogate. I enjoyed the classes - they’re suitable for anyone who could do with a break from routine, who would enjoy being in Harrogate and who likes physical activity, for both new(ish) students as well as the more experienced. You certainly don't have to be good at the classes, although some experience is beneficial. Great! 

Rachel Pick n Mix Fitness Escape, Harrogate 19 November 2019

The whole vibe is really chilled

My favourite part of the weekend was de-stressing, the classes and going out.

The whole vibe is really chilled. I met some lovely people but didn't feel obliged to talk to them. The teachers made sure the classes were accessible to all - I really appreciated that.

I thought it was really good. Lindi and the teachers made it friendly and welcoming which makes a big difference, especially to someone like me (being neurodiverse). I liked how you didn't have to do anything, you could turn up to meals and classes as you wished.

Linzey R Yoga & Photography Weekend in The Lakes 18 November 2019

Felt very relaxed - which is exactly what you want when you are away for the weekend

I came as I’ve done a couple of courses with Jane and found them really good. With the added Yoga then it was perfect.

The practical side was my favourite part. Getting out an about taking pictures. I really enjoyed the tripod stuff at the water fall.

I’d have liked slightly more free or down time to explore. I know stuff was optional but you feel you need to take advantage and FOMO lol. However, I completely understand you and Jane want to give value for money.

Had a really lovely time with a fabulous group of people. It felt very relaxed which is exactly what you want when you are away for the weekend.

Ruth C. Yoga & Photography Weekend 13 November 2019

I’ve enjoyed the yoga weekends in the past, love the Lake District and wanted to learn more about photography.

My favourite part was taking photos outside - taking portraits and the waterfall photos.

I thought the timings worked well - never felt rushed, and the content was well-balanced.

The instructors were friendly and patient.  I learned a lot about photography and editing and found the yoga relaxing and have even been inspired to try some of the exercises each morning since! 

It was fun group of people too.

Marie T Yoga & Photography Escape to The Lakes 7 November 2019

My favourite part was being with a group of like minded people

I love photography and I love yoga. I don’t give myself enough time to practise either so it was a great opportunity to give myself the time.

My favourite part was being with a group of like minded people. I didn’t go as part of a group but I didn’t feel like I was in my own.

It was pretty perfect for me. The whole weekend was fabulous and I would do it again.

Terri, Manchester 10 February 2019

A fab time away

Feeling re-energised after a fab time away with SIMPLY ESCAPE. The group were so much fun and I didn't stop laughing all weekend. Great yoga and kickboxing tuition from the amazing Tony Mousah. Would highly recommend

Sue, Manchester 10 February 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed each weekend

Sarah T, Manchester 23 May 2018

Welcoming & friendly

'I've now been on several weekends and always enjoy them. The instructors are experts in their field, and good teachers. It's lovely to be in beautiful countryside, surrounded by nature. Lindi organises these weekends very well, and is great at communicating plans and details in advance.

One of the nice things is that I enjoy the company of many people in the group, and although some people know each other well, it's a welcoming, friendly and not "cliquey" atmosphere! I like to spend time on my own and if that's what I feel like doing, it's easy to do so.'

Zainab, Manchester 9 May 2018

An opportunity to take part in activities as well as exploring the local area

'You don't have to be good at the activities on offer, just have an eagerness to participate and to do as much or as little as you can. After all, it's your weekend.

I like the way it was organised and the fact that the groups weren't too big so there was a chance to chat to fellow guests.

I think the choice of locations is great and it provides the opportunity to take part in the activities as well as exploring the local area.

I also liked the fact that even though there were schedules, it felt relaxed overall, which is what I was looking for. It's up to you how much you would like to participate.

There's no obligation to spend time with other people if you don't want to, although I found this happened naturally.

I went on my own the first time and then with a couple of friends the second time. I enjoyed both weekends equally as much.

I honestly think SIMPLY ESCAPE weekends are a great idea. They're in lovely locations, all communication is spot on and they're affordable.

Lindi is lovely too and really goes out of her way to check you are having a good time and that your needs are met.

People were lovely on both weekends I went on and can't really think of anything that I would change.'

Steph, Aberdeen 7 May 2018

A really friendly and welcoming atmosphere… I always leave feeling great!

'I've been on a few of these weekend escapes and they're always really enjoyable and great value. The venues are in stunning locations and there's usually time allocated during the weekend for you to explore so that you really feel like you've properly visited the place. 

Lindi provides very clear information about what's included for each escape and is responsive to any questions you may have. She creates a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere on these weekends and I always leave feeling great!'

Cinny, Bury 1 May 2018

A chance to relax and unwind. Simply fabulous.

'A lovely weekend break in the beautiful Peak District and a chance to relax and unwind. The activities are designed so that beginners or more experienced people can participate. Everyone we met was very friendly and the organisation was spot on. There is no pressure to do anything you don’t fancy. There is plenty of opportunity to relax, either alone or with friends.

Good for anyone who wants to try new activities from yoga to boxing!  Simply fabulous.'

Alison, North West England 30 April 2018

Felt rejuvenated. Excellent.

'The weekend was recommended by friends, and I was interested in finding activities to give me some me-time. There was time for exploring and socialising, and the venues are always well chosen. Your time is your own there is no pressure to mix with everyone else but there are plenty of friendly faces if you do want to mix.

I'd recommend these weekends for anyone seeking a quiet time away from the stresses of life, and anyone looking to explore ways of improving their quality of life. I attended with friends and felt rejuvenated and less stressed after the weekend. Excellent.'

Dave, Blackpool Exploring Mindfulness 20 April 2018

The weekend was fab-u-lous

'The weekend was fab-u-lous. It was highly organized, relaxed and fun and very mindful. I will CERTAINLY be on the next one and I would like to say I met some great people and I would highly recommend it to Mindfulness Teachers or some one that has not even heard of mindfulness. Any ability range in Mindfulness could enjoy the weekend.
Really was good and the venue and scenery was spectacular. Thank you for such a peaceful and grounding experience. First class job.'

Diane, Manchester 18 April 2018

Excellent classes led by lovely supportive instructors

'​I've been on a number of retreats including yoga, MMA, mindfulness and kickboxing since it started 5 years ago. Set in lovely countryside we also have time for hiking and exploring the village to sample local delights.

Excellent classes led by lovely supportive instructors.  I love it - everything's well organised and I always have such a great time - it's been a laugh ;-D'

Gaynor, Stockport 17 April 2018

Many opportunities to have time to yourself if you wish

'I go on these weekends for the yoga, friendliness and relaxation, and I like the warm welcome and excellent guidance in all the activities. The locations are set in beautiful scenic areas, and there are opportunities to explore and enjoy local walks and eateries. As well as being active, the weekends are very relaxing. 

There are many opportunities to have time to yourself if you wish to do that. The chosen locations are set in areas where you can go for a walk, or wander round a few local shops, or enjoy a cup of tea and a cake. There are areas where you can relax with a book, or simply sit and observe nature.

I'd recommend them for anyone of any age who has an interest in well being. Simply Escape weekends are simply great! I keep coming back. Thanks so much!'

Helen, Lancashire 17 April 2018

For people looking for relaxation in the countryside

'We knew Cilla and enjoyed her classes - she is very experienced, patient, makes the experience fun and makes everyone welcome and safe. We went on a weekend because we wanted to meet like minded people in a relaxed environment.

If someone wants to rest or read, Lindi and Cilla enable individuality whilst not singling anyone out. Everyone felt they could do what they felt they could. Also, most people on these weekends attract like minded, patient, kind people who are concerned about everyone’s enjoyment. 

I'd recommend the weekends to people looking for relaxation in the countryside and the opportunity to learn or extend gentle exercise to practise during the weekend and back at home. Very enjoyable.'

Wyn, Cheshire Pick 'n' Mix Fitness Weekend 15 April 2018

Professional yet personal attitude

'I had such a good time at the retreat. Thanks for being helpful and supportive and making me feel welcome! I wish to thank Cilla and Tony for their professional yet personal attitude in their classes, especially as I have a few physical limitations and they both made a point of adjusting the exercises accordingly.'

Liz, Cheshire 15 April 2018

You can workout… Chill out…  and have fun

'I went on the weekend to mix with like minded people. All activities are aimed at people of all levels, and you are free to do as little or as much as you like - there's no pressure. Thoroughly enjoyable. You can workout... Chill out...  and have fun.'

Ruth, Stockport 15 April 2018

Refreshing and restorative

'A friend saw it advertised and we thought it sounded interesting and good value. It's a peaceful and refreshing break in lovely countryside locations providing a good balance of exercise and free time to enjoy the company of friends. Well-organised and welcoming.

The instructors explain everything fully and guide you through, giving alternatives for different levels of fitness. You are free during the day and the evening to socialise or spend time on your own. It is very relaxed.

For anyone who would like to learn about a new form of exercise and relaxation, or who would like to further develop their skills of one they have already experienced. Refreshing and restorative.'

Gale, Manchester 14 April 2018

You can be a total beginner or quite experienced

'I enjoy Pilates classes & felt a retreat would be a lovely way to spend a weekend. You can be a total beginner or quite experienced as all levels are accommodated.

Along with the classes, it was lovely to spend time meeting new people, who have now become good friends. It’s totally up to each individual whether they spend time with the group or if they are happier having time to themselves.

I'd recommend the weekends to people who like to try new activities & who like to meet new people. Having been on a number of these, I've always found them to be great fun & have thoroughly enjoyed myself.'

Debbie, Stockport Pick'n' Mix Fitness Escape 7 March 2018

An activity heaven

'The ‘Simply Escape weekends’  have been a great favourite with me and my friends since they started about 5 years ago. They are truly an activity heaven - accommodation in absolutely lovely locations, really interesting themed weekends with a variety of activities to choose from and friendly, professional instructors.

There is always time for walking, exploring local villages, cafes and hostelries as well or, if you prefer,  just to sit back and soak up the relaxing atmosphere (unless of course you want to sign up for every activity on offer!!) We have had  lots of laughs and great fun over the years - always coming back feeling rejuvenated, fitter and with memories of a great time. They are definitely a yearly (or sometimes twice yearly) ‘escape’ for us!!'

Jean, Hebden Bridge Energy Medicine Workshop 20 June 2017

Teaching was fun, informative and inspiring

'Fab weekend - lovely group of people, great location and Rachel and Lindi were superb. Teaching was fun, informative and inspiring.'

Julie, Blackpool Energy Medicine Workshop 19 June 2017

Great weekend, lovely group of people and great venue

'Great weekend, lovely group of people and great venue. Had a great time learning Energy Medicine. Rachel was very good teaching us over the weekend. Thank you both Linzi and Rachel for the weekend. Look forward to the next.'

Christina, Halifax Energy Medicine Workshop 19 June 2017

A fabulous wind-down weekend

Had a fabulous wind-down weekend with everyone at SIMPLY ESCAPE

Liz, Stockport Pilates & Stretch, Conwy 30 May 2017

Fabulous weekend in Conwy

Fabulous weekend in Conwy. Thank you so much... great organisation and fun.. good accommodation and food.

Adele, Cheshire Pilates & Stretch, Conwy 29 May 2017

I feel energised and I've made new friends

'I go on the weekends for exercise and fun. They're relaxing, I feel energised and I've made new friends. They're for anyone who likes to experience mindful exercise and enjoys healthy leisure activities with fun people.

Great classes, walking, restaurants, venue and lovely people -  what more can you ask for?  '

Sonia, Staffordshire Exploring Mindfulness Weekend 15 March 2017

Didn't want to go home

Enjoyed everything about the weekend and didn't want to go home at all. Thank you.

Janet, Preston Exploring Mindfulness Weekend 14 March 2017

A lovely weekend. I wouldn't change anything

'It was such a lovely weekend with some lovely people. I wouldn't change anything about how it was organised or the practices and the beauty of having such a small group was that we could all share and have plenty of time to talk. My favourite exercise was the chocolate one 😂'

Anwara, Manchester Pick'n'Mix Fitness Weekend 28 February 2017

As a solo traveller I was really pleased to arrive to a warm welcome

'As a solo traveller I was really pleased to arrive to a warm welcome & a very well organised weekend. I felt I was in the hands of such a friendly and helpful host. Come with a smile and an open mind and you will benefit. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend. I left with a warm heart and a smile on my face. Thank you Lindi !'

Gaynor, Stockport Pick'n'Mix Fitness Weekend 27 February 2017

Fab weekend

'Fab weekend in Castleton! Thanks.'

Colette, Stockport Pick'n'Mix Fitness Weekend 27 February 2017

Fantastic weekend… very well catered for

'Fantastic weekend away staying at YHA Castleton on a Simply Escape event, Pilates, Yoga, stretch and a very muddy, windy an slippery hike up Cave Dale. Lovely meal on Saturday night at the Castle Inn and very well catered for at the hostel.'

Gill, Stockport Pick'n'Mix Fitness weekend 26 February 2017

Thank you for a great weekend

'Thank you for a great weekend.'

Liz, Stockport Pick'n'Mix Fitness Weekend 26 February 2017

Loved the accommodation and the setting

'Thank you Lindi for another successful weekend in Castleton loved the accommodation and the setting.. great classes...as always with Cilla Thwaites also enjoyed the yoga session with Tony….xx'

Christine, Stockport Pick'n'Mix Fitness Weekend 26 February 2017

A lovely weekend - enjoyed every minute

'What a lovely weekend - enjoyed every minute x'

Alastair, Manchester 20 January 2017

Great for beginners to more experienced people

'I have been on several Yoga and Boxing retreats & I thoroughly enjoyed every one! The retreats are great for beginners to more experienced people.
Lindi herself is very friendly, helpful and organised. She will bend over backwards to help or accommodate you in whatever way she can (excuse the pun).'

Michelle, Stockport 19 January 2017

Great instructors who will inspire and encourage you

'Lindi is passionate about providing affordable short term breaks in beautiful scenery. I've joined on many breaks over the past few years and met some wonderful like minded people. Lindi's relaxed approach is a breath of fresh air.

Working closely with great instructors who will inspire and encourage you to get the most out of your break. I have gained friends and enjoyed new experiences all in a comfortable relaxed environment, that won't break the bank. Once you have enjoyed your first visit, I guarantee you will return year in and year out.'

Gale, Stockport Pilates & Stretch Weekend 20 November 2016

Brilliant Pilates retreat weekend

'Another brilliant Pilates retreat weekend. Many thanks to the wonderful Cilla & Lindi - thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend xx'

Have a look at some of our pics from recent weekends here