Our Values

Our Kickboxing group on our Renew & Reset weekend in Harrogate


We love what we do !

We love seeing  people grow in confidence when they try something new and maybe discover they love it. Like someone having a go at boxing for the first time – they’re exhilarated !

We love learning from you how to make our escapes even better, and then creating new ones.

Above all we want you to feel the love that’s gone into creating these escapes, and to feel happy that you’ve dedicated this time to yourself.

What does quality mean to us? Well, we don’t believe you have to spend the earth to create a fantastic experience, so we focus on getting the fundamentals right.

We collaborate with exceptional teachers with that special combination of expert knowledge and experience as well as a lovely way of leading sessions. This means everyone from novices to the more experienced not only learns a lot but has fun along the way 😁

Where we stay also matters to us, so whenever possible we choose venues that not only are in breathtaking locations, but that also share our values of community spirit and inclusivity. We’re proud to support charitable organisations that help thousands of young people experience opportunities they might otherwise not have the chance to.

Simply put, we take the time to plan every aspect so that you can just turn up and have a great time.

We like to encourage an atmosphere of acceptance and create experiences that are as inclusive as possible.

It seems we are judged in every area of our lives, and here at SIMPLY ESCAPE we believe that whatever our age, sex, ability or any other way of being defined, we all deserve to try new experiences and have a good time without the shadow of judgement.

Instead of thinking we’re not [choose a relevant word] young / fit / good / talented / slim / artistic enough, we want to accept and celebrate who we are.

You can have fun trying kickboxing for the first time at 60; drawing if you were told at school ‘Stick to sport’; a yoga class if you’re not bendy; and just being you, whatever the situation.

We all bring something to the table, so let’s enjoy ourselves !

By focusing on getting the fundamentals right, we also keep unnecessary costs down and keep our escapes within the reach of the many.

Stay in touch to find out about upcoming escapes.