The content was spot on – a fun weekend that I would love to do again

I went as I wanted to improve my photography skills. I love the way Jane teaches and I want to increase my knowledge so that I can start to sell some of my photographs.

Being part of the workshops and understanding what settings to have my camera on was my favourite part.

Taking photos was very high on the list too. I loved all the trips out, to Chesters, to the waterfall and to be Ambleside.

I definitely would like to do it again (once I have practised what I learned).

I think the content was spot on. Jane covered everything that I wanted really. I had been almost scared to use my flash gun before but now have the confidence to give it a go… What could go wrong? You just learn from your mistakes šŸ¤£

It really was a full on weekend, but I enjoyed it. Loved going out with everyone on the Saturday night too. I hope I have made some lovely new friends.

Lovely group of people. We all had a laugh.

Lindi you are an excellent organiser. It was a long hard weekend with not much time to rest but then again that is what we signed up to and I am very pleased with how much I have learned about my camera and composing a shot.

A fun weekend that I would love to do again.

Thank you so much to both Lindi and Jane who made the weekend extra special šŸ’œ


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