Spanish Chats

When it comes to learning a language, it’s one thing learning some vocabulary and grammar, and a totally different thing trying to actually speak it! 

I can empathise. I’ve been in your shoes – more than once 😊

I’m half Spanish, but that’s not actually the reason you should consider trying a session with me.

Having learnt a few languages to varying levels, and lived & worked in different countries, I too have grappled with communicating with the locals.

I’ve experienced huge frustration at not being able to communicate with people due to a language barrier – numerous times !

If you know absolutely no Spanish, I can help you to feel comfortable communicating at a basic level, if that’s all you want.

If you have some basic Spanish and want to gain confidence to actually use it in real life, I can help too.

Having confidence to exchange pleasanties or express what you need or want, is not only an empowering feeling, but a skill you’ll have for life.

Maybe it’s practising basic phrases that you’re interested in, such as being able to travel around and order tapas & a drink.

Before moving to work in Tokyo, I met up with a Japanese woman 4 or 5 times. She taught me some basic phrases and helped with pronunciation. Those few sessions helped familiarise me with the absolute basics and meant I could say a few friendly words when I met people. 

Being able to say some basic phrases in the local language makes you feel good. It also shows willing, and most people appreciate that you’re trying to communicate in their language. 

Perhaps you understand enough Spanish when it’s written down, and you’re OK with saying the basics, but really you’d love to put into practice all the stuff you know and have fuller conversations, rather than short exchanges.

Getting some guidance on pronunciation and just practising talking will make you feel more at ease with your Spanish.

Either way, 1:1 sessions with an understanding and patient Spanish speaker can help you feel more confident, much sooner 😊

I’m based in the Rawtenstall / Bacup area of Lancashire in the UK.

Contact me using the box below – we can discuss what you’re looking for, and arrange a trial session to see if 1:1 chats with me will help you reach your desired goal.