Capturing The Moment: A Fusion of Photography and Yoga

Imagine a cheeky weekend away, delving into the art of photography alongside nurturing yoga sessions for your mind and body, with tasty meals and staying in a welcoming family-run hotel thrown in for good measure 😁

Well that’s what we just experienced  in Harrogate on our From Snapshots to Great Shots ! Photography & Yoga Weekend, with pro photographer Jane Burkinshaw and yoga with GatherwithLou.

Apart from having to be in the present moment for both photography and yoga, are they a good combination? 

I think so. With the relaxation yoga brings, you become more open to learning and creativity . Read on if you’re not convinced 😉

Our Photography Teacher, Jane

Jane’s very down to earth, and helps you to get more comfortable with your equipment and the myriad of camera settings you might be bewildered by.

I love teachers like Jane. She welcomes any question about photography (maybe other topics too. I’ll try that next time 😆) And you don’t feel silly asking, which also helps !

She shares illuminating anecdotes, tips and tricks, whilst always focusing on fundamentals – good composition; how to harness light effectively; timing and finding inspiration to create an interesting picture.

Not over complicating things and sticking to the basics is helpful for life in general, and I think it provides a strong foundation to your photography, too.

Photography Unites Us: Cameras and Smartphones Alike

Most of us had cameras while others used their smartphones. A lot of us didn’t realise just quite how good a camera on a smartphone can be. They can rival traditional cameras, and of course there’s the sheer convenience of having one with us a lot of the time.

Regardless of the equipment we were using – from high-end DSLRs to the latest smartphones – we learned a tremendous amount and gained more confidence over the weekend.

The Art of Storytelling: Capturing Emotion Through Images

A powerful picture can say more than a thousand words, and Jane encouraged us to delve a little deeper into the feelings we wanted to convey before shooting.

Whether we capture a picturesque landscape or candid moments of laughter, an image can encapsulate many emotions, and go far beyond being a mere snapshot.

We can learn to entwine tales through our lenses… we just need some guidance and to keep practising 😉

What I Learnt This Time – Delving Deeper: Thinking with Purpose

Jane talks about intentionality in photography. She encouraged us to ask what we want to convey in a photograph, before pressing the button.

This might sound obvious, but for me it was probably the main thing I took away this time with Jane. In previous sessions I’ve had some light bulb moments about composition, or enjoyed playing around with light. I like how you keep building upon what you’ve already learnt.

I found myself pausing (even just for a nano second) before pointing and shooting.

It’s a hard habit to break though, to not rush in. You’re excited and just want to capture what’s in front of you. Or you’re fearful what’s in front of you will suddenly change and you rush to capture the moment before it evaporates away.

But now Jane has set me off on a path to more intentional photography – to pause and think. At least for some of the time, anyway. 😆

It’s a simple shift in approach, but effective in helping me frame the shot better to tell a more compelling story.

Embracing Individual Creativity: Uniqueness in Every Frame

We passed lots of impressive Victorian architecture on our way to the lush gardens of local park, where we went for a practical session.

Jane encouraged us to slow down, observe our surroundings, and embrace the magic in everyday moments.

Something that was brought home to me that afternoon was how photography reveals our individual take on things.

Standing side by side, we all looked at the same scene and yet produced wildly different images. And consequently, our pictures conveyed quite different feelings.

The Yoga

And let’s not forget the yoga!

We had 3 sessions of yoga, and each one was different. Lou pitched them perfectly, matching just what we needed at each point across the weekend. It proves how a good teacher is in tune with their students needs 😉

By Saturday evening, I’d absorbed so much about photography in the previous day and a half, I wasn’t sure I had the energy to join the last yoga.

But we did all go to the evening class, and I’m so glad I went too, because…

…Lou weaved her magic!

We had a very calming, floor-based yoga class, and it was sheer bliss. I don’t know how Lou did it, but she managed to give us a beautifully relaxing time that simultaneously replenished our energy levels.

Enough, in fact, to perk us up sufficiently to go out for a delicious curry at @spicecultureuk, where we found oursleves re-animated, sharing stories and photos. (We struck lucky again. Another great meal after the tasty Italian the night before 😋).

Making Time For Our Passions: A Deeper Journey Into Photography

Deciding to devote an entire weekend to photography was transformative. Being able to dedicate time not only to taking photos, but also to edit and tweak them afterwards, felt really rewarding.

When we had the practical session in the park, it was not only a privilege to have a pro photographer by your side, ready to give hands on advice and answer any photography-related question, but immeasurably useful. It’s like turbo charging your learning.

We had an “Ask Jane Anything” session on the last morning, which was a great opportunity for any new questions that had been thrown up by the practical sessions. One person told us she’d taken about 30 photos that she was proud of. That’s a lot in my book  😉

Life often moves at a rapid pace, leaving little time for our passions and hobbies. So it was a real treat to spend the weekend with a group of lovely people, sharing their knowledge and giving input on all things photographic!

Ready to Capture the Magic?

Our Photography and Yoga weekend in Harrogate left us with special memories, new friendships, and an enriched creative spirit.

If you’d enjoy a weekend of laughter, learning, and artistic expression, why not join our upcoming photography and yoga (or Pilates!) escapes?

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And here are some pictures from a previous Photography & Yoga weekend you can peruse 😉

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